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Our Holistic Process

The Center of Your Financial Life

Implementing a holistic financial plan requires alignment among your trusted advisors. Everyone and everything must work together in harmony in order to maximize your opportunities and minimize your risks, and we will help ensure that we’re all moving toward the same goals. When you work with the Cornerstone team, you can rest assured that the big picture is being attended to and your best interests are protected. And with our client portal, you’ll have 24/7 access to everything you need, all in one place.

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The Cornerstone Advantage

A dedicated team of experts in your corner

Customized planning, investment, and risk management advice

Reduced noise and fragmentation in your financial life

A digital asset aggregation platform to see your entire financial picture in one place

Coordination with all other advisors and stakeholders

Understanding the Planning Horizon

When we begin working with you, we’ll talk about the two types of outcomes during the planning process: Above-the-Line results and Below-the-Line results.

Above-the-Line planning is the subjective portion of the process—at the beginning, this is when we get to know you and learn about your goals for the future. We ask you what you want to happen with your finances and future, what your main concerns are, and how you’d like to see your family and business grow. The end results of your financial plan are also Above-the-Line—this is the confidence and clarity you gain once you know how to navigate and manage your plan effectively.

Below-the-Line planning is strategic and objective. Once we know your goals, we identify creative solutions to reach those goals—these are the tools in your toolbox that will help us achieve your vision for the future you desire. We’ll help you think about the best plan of action and what will work best for your family or business. The next step is implementing those strategies—whether that’s investments, insurance solutions, or tax strategies. This is where the plan really moves into action and you start seeing results Below-the-Line.

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